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Certified Level 2
Infrared Thermographic Imaging & Reporting

ElectraTech Services provides nondestructive, non-contact, monitoring and inspections with the use of Infrared technology.  We follow accepted ANSI/NETA guidelines for inspections and reporting as specified by CSA-Z463-18 Maintenance of Electrical Systems.


Infrared technology can be applied to multiple industries, some examples for application include:

  • Early detection of motor lubricant and bearing deterioration.

  • Easy identification of unbalanced mechanical or electrical loads.

  • Belt drive inspection.

  • Product uniformity in production environments.

  • Moisture detection in homes and businesses.

  • Building insulation performance.

  • Electrical breaker, fuse, and contractor inspection.

  • Ruptured or leaking steam/fluid line identification.

  • Identification of heat egress or cool air ingress in homes and businesses.


Please contact us with any questions about nondestructive, non-contact infrared testing and applications.

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